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Superman Movement

can’t upload for some reason get updated version here https://www.nexusmods.com/nomanssky/mods/766?tab=description For Visions. This mod basically allows you to fly. Made the jetpack more powerful and much faster in forward motion. Jetpack should use almost no fuel while moving forward. Also walk 2x and run 3x faster (multiple options) Includes versions with Quick Wanted Level Timeout / […]

Faster Movement

—–Faster Movement—- This mod simply increases your movement speed making hiking and exploring no longer a chore pick ONE of the below levels and add the .pak file to your mod folder  I recommend starting on Level 3 first.     Level 1 – Walk Speed      5.4 – Sprint Speed       9 – Jet […]

Movement Speed and Instant Lift-Off

Darkm1 originally released these mods, but as they’re not working anymore and I wasn’t able to reach him through discord, I decided to release this one. Couldn’t stand walking at turtle speed after installing the new update 😉 Description: Increases your movement speed by a decent (not OP) amount and lets your ship instantly take […]