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How to Create Mods for No Mans Sky | Part 2: Editing Values

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial sorry for the delay. Bit busy and lazy. NMS Tools: MBIN Compiler: www.mediafire.com/?2c94h8ltzb04u61 Custom Model Importer: nomansskymods.com/mods/nms-model-importer/ No Mans Sky Modding Websites: nomansskymods.com www.nexusmods.com/nomanssky

How to edit textures in No Mans Sky (create a mod)

Hope it helps comment if there is a problem.

Mass .Pak Extractor (NMS Unpacker)

Please enjoy and check out my other mods.   How to install is down below.

How to install mods for No Mans Sky (foundation update)

Just a quick basic tutorial on how to install mods. Soon I will have a tutorial on how to edit textures in No Mans Sky and even eventually once I get my head around it get CUSTOM MODELS in the game!! I hope you enjoy and please comment

No Man’s Sky Manager

HOTFIX: v0.2.1 should fix the broken mods with 0KB. Please tell us if it still happens to you or if you have other issues with NMSManager. Just click on the envelope button in the upper right corner (Send Feedback). No Man’s Sky Manager allows you to manage your mods easily. You can enable/disable them or […]