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REMAINS (Bones From the Past and Present)

This is a mod that adds 119 bones across all the planets in No mans Sky at random except for the frozen worlds and complete Barren planets. There are even Bones in Caves and Underwater,  and if a few kind of bones keep repeating im sorry its just the game , for some reason the […]

ORIGINS A Story Untold

This is a mod that adds 59 monoliths to the game, there will be 3 per planet and they are uncommon. so its like a treasure hunt 🙂 Hopefully if we can get it to work , there will be a quest in an update to explain What Nada did and why they just appeared […]


CONSTRUCTS is a mod that attempts to introduce various fully custom sci-fi objects into the game, adding mysterious, artificial structures spread across different planets. This mod is also a tech demonstrator of NMSDK, the specialized Blender plugin and toolset for creating custom No Man’s Sky content! ===[ FEATURES ]=== Adds a variety of objects, sometimes massive, into […]