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Milestones Rebalance

You are no “Magnate” in this space opera unless you’re pimpin a top of the line freighter, no “Adventurer” until you’ve trudged a 1,000,000u! I didn’t feel the milestones required enough of the player. There are two versions, upgrade and extreme tweaked for survival mode. I didn’t change the Species Discovery Milestone, it was already […]

Remove Journey Milestones

NOTE:¬†This mod is now compatible with the Pathfinder Update (v1.22)! ¬† – DESCRIPTION – This mod will disable those annoying journey milestone popups that steal your HUD and prevent you from doing anything. The way this works is that it sets all the requirements for all milestones to 0. This means that when loading into […]

No More Journey Milestone Pop-ups

PSA – This is in ALPHA for a very good reason. This mod is incompatible with any mod that edits the GAMESTATE files. This also completes every achievement, meaning that they won’t ever pop up, because they have been completed. Hello, again! I told you I have some really awesome stuff for everyone and you […]