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Aliens buildings Overhaul

So, many asked me for a “compilation” of my retextures mods to ease the installation and updates tracking. Here it is ! In this pak you will found all the main files of my retexture wich include: – Spacestation main hall (1024* blue-ish) – Some shared props (retexturing ramps & balcony in spacestation and landpads […]

LandPads Retext

A simple mod retexturing landpad in higher definition sticking with vanilla feeling AND my other mods. For MOAR textures pack, check my other mods: Vy’Keen Buildings Korvax Buildings Gek Buildings SpaceStation MainHall

SpaceStation Main Hall Retext

Just another quick mod for SpaceStation main Hall I did to educate myself with .dds and re-pak. Replace the plain boring 512*512 texture of SpaceStation main hall with a 1024*1024 scratched and more realistic one Now with up to 4096 resolution and red-ish version that suit the Damply RedLight mod !   Check my others […]