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DARCONIA AIO for NMS 1.24 PATHFINDER !  Update for 1.3 Atlas Rising will come ! Darconizer proudly presents a game changing mod ! FULL ALL-IN-ONE RELEASE 1.43   This is the AIO Editor´s Choice Version of Darconia. Because of the size and amount of pak files, that make the installation a little bit difficult I […]

BEYOND Reverse Flight (EOL)

!Caution! This mod no longer receives updates! Support for this has been discontinued. Thanks to everyone who was interested in this mod project as long as it was active. Unfortunately I cannot remove the mod because the site operator / administration has blocked the function for deleting mods. That’s why this note. greetings quantus — […]

Grand Theft Auto Style Wanted Levels

Just a small mod that changed the wanted icon. I wasn’t really fond of the original and I think this one is a little more familiar to a lot of us 😉