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You’re on a community planet, very cool! But your HUD is cluttered with all these icons from other players. You can’t even see your own base icon anymore. This simple mod helps to reduce the clutter on your screen from the icons so you don’t have to disable your HUD when on a planet with […]

Less Creatures

As requested (Yes people actually requested this) this mod reduces creature spawns. This affects ALL creatures. You can choose between the 1.25 times less and the 1.5 times less. If requested I could add an even less version (but why would someone want that?) Reducing it even more would be unwise. There already are too […]

Fewer AI Starships (Work in Progress)

Simple mod which reduces the number of starships you’ll see flying about on your adventures.  Work in progress, I’m still tinkering with the numbers to see the difference it makes.  Affects ships you’ll see in space (freighters warping in, floating in space; and the trader ships similar to your own ship). Affects ships you’ll see […]

Sparse Buildings

Simple mod which alters the distance buildings are allowed to spawn next to each other.  There are two versions, one which doubles, the other triples, the distance between things.  Makes for a more arduous adventure!  I personally prefer the triple distance version. In theory it should reduce the total number of buildings per planet too, […]