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Better Landings

Spaceship landings in No Man’s Sky have always looked a bit silly, just dropping to the ground at 10+ feet. This mod aims to make landings look and feel more careful by reducing the “drop height” to about 2 feet. Aside from that, the spaceship will not tilt its nose up so much during the […]

Leave My Pad Alone

Disables the pesky AI flying around your base and landing on your landing pad :). If Anyone currently knows of any other mod that does this Please let me know :).

Better Landing (Pathfinder)

This Mod changes the distance the Game allows you to “auto-land” at Landing Zones (These Pillars at factories etc.) and Trading Pads. -More Range / faster reconization -Faster landing at Landing Zones   I am open to other Verisons of this Mod. Related: Thanks carpenteer for 1.10, better landing at trading pads! 🙂   Compatible […]