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Dismantle Core Components [continued]

Dismantle Core Components – Version 1.6 for No Man’s Sky 1.78.0   This project is continued with permission from Koori254 – original: NMS Dismantle Core Components – Atlas Rises Update This modification allows you to dismantle various Core Components, such as Life Support and Launch Thruster, with the exception of the Deflector Shield on the […]

Cheap Broken Ship Inventory Slots

This mod changes the cost to repair broken ship slots to their minimum amount of units.  All ship inventory slots should be 1000 units each, while technology slots should be 2000 units each. Early on in the game, you’re able to discover crashed ships, but it’s fairly pointless because you need as much money to […]

Transparent UI Background

Have you ever wanted to be able to see what was happening around you will you open your inventory? Have you ever wanted to browse through your discoveries page while having the beautiful scene you paused your game on? Have you ever wanted to have the UI they showed in the Balari V footage.. Well, […]

NMS Dismantle Core Components – Atlas Rises Update

This mod was created with a HUGE amount of help from monkeyman192! He edited portions of the code and coached me through a fair bit of the rest. If you wanna check out his mods, or are interested in getting started in modding and wanna use the tools he’s made, check out his page! This […]

Harambe Mod Pack 1.0

This is the result of PtPenguin and Hazanoid both making their own stupid Harambe mods and deciding to put them together in one package for the ultimate Harambe experience. Enjoy. Never forget. Mods included: Harambinventory 2.0 – changes all inventory icons to Harambe, splash screen to Harambe and toxic + life support icons to Harambe. […]


Changes most all of the inventory icons to Harambe’s face, so that we are always carrying him with us, even after his death. Also changes the splash screens, and changes the toxic icon to the NMS subreddit and the radioactive and life support icons to Sean Murray. Never forget.