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How to edit textures in No Mans Sky (create a mod)

Hope it helps comment if there is a problem.

[Intro Music Pack] Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

I N T R O   M U S I C   P A C K  FINAL VERSION IS OUT WITH 20 DIFFERENT INTRO SONGS! This mod replaces the original loading screen music with some good pieces of the gorgeous soundtrack of the”Cosmos”-Series reboot from 2014. Props to “Forrest Gump”-composer Alan Silvestri for making this mod […]

Supermoon Intro Music

PSA – A VIDEO SHOULD BE UP SOON. IT’S REALLY SIMPLE THOUGH, LOADING SCREEN MUSIC = SUPERMOON! Hey guys! This took ages, but I finally got it working! This replaces the intro music with the 65dos Supermoon and it’s awesome! It’s all synced up too 🙂 IF YOU LIKE SUPERMOON DOWNLOAD THIS MOD! Simple as, it […]

Colorful Titles

Colorized default titles and NEXT titles.

Community Edition Title

The subtitle ‘Community Edition’ added to the intro screen as a subtle reminder that the game you are playing has been made significantly more enjoyable by the modding community. Following security concerns I am moving my mods to Nexus Mods. Please follow this link to download: http://www.nexusmods.com/nomanssky/mods/112

Just another intro screen.

I found that the default intro screen whas boring so decided to make a change and add some variety. Only use one of these at a time in the game. Intro Options: use _MOD.VydaX.MEMEIntro.pak for a meme style intro use _MOD.VydaX.VGMNMSMIntro.pak for a VGMods/NMSmods style intro use _MOD.VydaX.RETROIntro.pak for a Retro Style intro inspired by Ryuk’s […]

Fast Intro Screen (packed & unpacked) (emoose)

This changes the DisplayTime for the startup logos to 0 – which shows them for almost less than a second. Not sure if this actually speeds up loading in any way, but I saw a few people requesting this so here you go 🙂 ZIP contains a .pak file (thanks to Drogean from the discord for […]