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Unlimited Ship Hyperdrive Range

This mod is NOT actively mantained and updated… but sometimes it happens. This mod set ships hyperdrive bonus to 100000000 . File edited:  METADATA/REALITY/TABLES/NMS_REALITY_GCTECHNOLOGYTABLE.MBIN (search for Ship_PulseDrive_MiniJumpFuelSpending and set “bonus” value in each of results)

VIP’s TechnologyTable mods (Super hyperdrive and upgrades, 5% launch cost and unlimited jetpack)

Super-HyperDrive mod: Sets the default jump distance to 2000000 ly Super-HyperDrive upgrades mod: Sets the default jump distance to 500 ly The hyperdrive upgrade increases the jump distance by 2000, 40000 and 800000 from levels 1 to 3 respectively 5% launch cost versions: Same as above with added 5% launch cost mod Unlimited jetpack versions: […]