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You’re on a community planet, very cool! But your HUD is cluttered with all these icons from other players. You can’t even see your own base icon anymore. This simple mod helps to reduce the clutter on your screen from the icons so you don’t have to disable your HUD when on a planet with […]

Chemically Correct

Do the game’s chemical inconsistencies ever bother the hell out of you? No? Maybe it’s just me. Regardless, this mod fixes that.  This is my first mod, fueled by my pet peeve of scientific inaccuracies. It essentially just replaces the icons and elemental abbreviations with artistically correct renditions of how the molecules should actually look […]

Different Sentinel Debris Icon (Atlas Rises)

The sentinel debris drop shows up as Chrysonite on the icon, this mod fixes that by replacing it with an entirely new icon. Hooray!!   Also, this is my first mod!  😀

Sniper Scope for Atlas Rises

Changes the binoculars to a sniper scope. You can zoom and shoot. There are two files:  “Targets” changes the creature-scan-icons into tactical targets. “Zoom Sniper” just installs the scope. Choose one or both !  

No Pickups Icons

Aiming for  immersion, this mod simply removes the pickups icons shown by the scanner but keeps his functionality of highlighting them and finding the “radio frequency” of the shelters, monoliths and other buildings. I recommend to use it with the following mods for a more complete and “hardcore survival experience” : Less Buildings by DeckyDoodles (75% Less Buildings) […]

Star Wars Tech Icon Replacement

This is just a quick little mod I made before going to bed. I made it for my own use (when I can get my pc to launch it that is) so it isn’t the best for everyone. Any suggestions are appreciated   Made by Pottymouth222  

Dood’s Minimalist Pickups

I got a bit fed up of the giant pickup icons (e.g. the isotope / oxide / silicate) swamping my screen and making it hard to spot my ship icon, so I put these together.  Hope you enjoy a slightly less cluttered UI this way ?  Legend is in the title image.  There is one […]

Simple Tech – Icon Pack

Replaces the games default technology icons. Blue icons are tech and white icons are tech upgrades!    See images above for reference.    Some of my other Mods:  Power Binoculars – Retro 80’s Style Binoculars NMC – Crosshair Remover Overwatch Font Pack Simple Elements 2 Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! – Units Received   (There was […]

E3 Conversion Mod

Changes the Health Icons to match the E3 Demo Changes the HUD Background to match the E3 Demo Changes the Sentinel Icons to match the E3 Demo Changes the Mining Laser Crosshair to match the E3 Demo Changes the Boltcaster Crosshair to match the E3 Demo Changes the Ship Crosshair to match the E3 Demo Changes […]

Simple Elements 2 (ICON PACK) (NEW UPDATE 1.1)

My second icon pack. This is for the people that found the first one too minimal. Icon’s are clearly marked and colour coded.