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Clean HUD and roomscale VR

Removes all ‘on-your-face’ HUD. Keeps vision clean, without disabling vital game-world UI. Contains a number of other tweaks, effectively enabling roomscale play in VR. Geared toward VR but non-VR players can also benefit. Significantly improves VR immersion.   See NexusMods for detailed information   This mod is geared toward VR players. It includes a lot […]

REVO HUD E3 **Outdated**

REVO HUD E3 Tried to make it look like the E3 As best as i can It contains 3 Versions: REVO HUD E3 (E3 2015 HUD) REVO HUD E3 White (Semi White Background) No Horizontal and Vertical Lines HUD (E3 And E3 White) Donate if you want to support me ­čÖé  


The previous two versions of MINIHUD (for centered and original positions) updated with smaller info messages and icons.

REVO HUD **Outdated**

REVO HUD It contains 3┬áVersions (Normal Size + Small Size of each version): Blue┬á White (Normal, 20 Light, 50 Light) Black┬á(Normal, 20 Light, 50 Light) Always ON (Full HUD + Without Planet Info) you need to show the hud atleast once (Press tab to show multitool and tab again)┬á     PS: TEXTURE DETAIL IN-GAME […]

Helmet Scanner HUD

For a view from the Helmet out.

Ship HUD Matrix style

Here is a mod requested to me on Discord Introducing Matrix style hud for your ship. This mod was made using the amazing template of E3 space HUD by DeckyDoodles (with his courtesy)

21:9 / Surround / Eyefinity HUD Mod

This mod aims to fix the terrible support for 21:9 and Surround / Eyefinity Resolutions. ┬áThe HUD was completely stretched even though HG Claims they were supporting it. ┬áThis is a terribly bad port of the original HUD. ┬áThis mod has morphed from one mans project and another’s desire, to a slightly community driven mod […]

MINIHUDs for 21:9

Contains both versions of MINIHUD released before but for 21:9 displays. It should fix HUD stretching, won’t affect your inventory and other stuff. For 21:9 displays only.

MINIHUD Original Positions

HUD redesign, same as MINIHUD but the elements are at the corners of the screen as in the original layout. For the elements grouped around the middle of the screen see http://nomansskymods.com/mods/minihud/

Lcars Ship HUD

Ship HUD in style of Star Trek Lcars. I hope you like it. ­čÖé