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Personal Shield Generator

Personal Shield Generator by Mjjstral (contact: @Mjjstral#1157 on discord) Quick action menu toggleable shield that protects from any damages (bullets, lasers, …) and hazards (toxic, radioactive, heat, cold, underwater) within the shield. You can also assign a hotkey for the shield activation. – Optional versions:     – Creature distractor shield emitter extra effect (creatures run […]

DECEARING EGG MOD!!! (Multiple mods to make the game more fun)

UPDATED FOR NMS 1.55!!! Stay tuned! More versions of the DECEARING EGG mod may be coming soon! Multiple versions to choose only the options you want to use! As long as I can get everything coded correctly.   This is the DECEARING EGG mod. It modifies many different things in the game, all of which […]

Metroid Prime HUD

I here am starting this HUD project and releasing WIP version here because i think people might find this hud amazing 🙂 Right now i’ve edited a bunch of the basic things. things im gonna work on surround: – Crosshair (is in the mod now but still awaiting what people think of it. might undergo change) […]