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This mod replaces the plastic look of the backpack with a high quality scratched texture. The mod was originally uploaded by damanique but I don’t like that this version is so dark so I made a brighter version of it. 🙂 Here is the original mod: https://nomansskymods.com/mods/hd-scratched-backpack/

Metal Bug Drone

this mod replaces the drone texture in a other, more metal bug like thing

E3 Backpack

DESCRIPTION Replaces the default backpack texture with a brighter, cleaner-looking one with decals that resemble the game’s title/concept art (‘E3 version’). KNOWN BUGS: The backpack model in the inventory is rendered in a low resolution. This mod does not fix this problem. COMPATIBILITY: This mod is not compatible with any other backpack texture mod.

Biomechanical Infestation

HD Lore-friendly texture replacer of the alien infestation that plague some abandoned buildings. “It looked like a wound on the world. Crimson and ragged-edged, like something that once lived but was then torn asunder. I should have stayed away. Had I the senses to taste the air of this planet, I imagine it would have […]


  this are textures for all the crystals in the game for more bling bling Deutsch C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonNo Man’s SkyGAMEDATAPCBANKS Mod enthält Texturen von allen Kristallen im Spiel.  


take file into: it includs textures for the spacestation hall,AND OUTSIDE TEXTURES trackbeam. groundlines, numbers, and new decals. works fine on my pc, with 55 fps max resolution. deutsch: sie enthält neue texturen für die raumstationshalle,UND AUSSENHÜLLE landelichter bodenleuchten, nummern und decals funzt prächtig auf meinem rechner. viel spass DR Himmelpimmel

HD Sentinels

HD retexture of the planetside Sentinels (drone, quadruped and walker). Colors changed to red and black for a more badass look. Other colors may follow at some point when I can be bothered but there’s other modding to do right now.  Following security concerns I am moving my mods to Nexus Mods. Please follow this link […]


  this are textures for all the buildings in the game including all the stuff in it screens chairs consoles terminals landingpats Deutsch: sie enthält texturen von allen gebäuden im spiel. sowie : stĂĽhle konsolen landeplattformen monitore usw. VIEL SPASS !!! —————————————————————————– MADE BY DR HIMMELPIMMEL   pS SPACESTATION IS SEPERATE http://nomansskymods.com/mods/dr-himmelpimmels-spacestation/

HD Scratched Backpack

I didn’t like the plastic-y clean look of the backpack in the inventory, so I changed it to a darker, scratchier look with this retexture. It’s also in 4K, though you won’t really notice until I figure out how to get the model to not look so dumb low res in the inventory screen  >:| […]

HD Crystals

These textures are an improvement over the original textures, while still staying true to the art style of NMS. The textures are up-ressed from the original resolution (512), to 2x the size (1024).  I haven’t seen any noticeable performance degradations, however, keep in mind that I am using a GTX 970.