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Only Certain Biomes

With this you can limit planets to certain biomes. I have only done it to two biomes atm but I will add more as time progresses. YOU DONT NEED A NEW SAVE! JUST TESTED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can limit the planets to a green planets with lush green grass, or the hexagon(weird) biome with all colors. Both of […]

Lime/Green Station Interior

So, another one of these mods! -Also my second ever NMS mod! Whoop. This mod changes the appearance of the station interior colour to GREEN! (Well, it’s more lime for luminescence). This mod changes: Station interior lane and landing pad colour to LIME / LUM. GREEN Station exterior beam to LIME / LUM. GREEN Station […]

RGBW Ship HUD Retexture

Unifies all your ships displays with a clean UI of your color preference. (The in-game screenshot is from V1.1, not 1.2) Highly recommend using in conjunction with Owned’s screen mod to make it pop more. Let me hear your feedback!