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ZV4X grassNOT

THIS mod absolutely disables grass

Grass Correction (Vulkan Compatible)

This mod corrects the issue where grass fails to spawn on slight inclines, leaving huge areas as a patchy, craggy, terrible-looking mess. This mod changes no colors on its own. It Helps both lush grass types fill in correctly (both the taller grass types and the newer short type) and carries over the same grass […]

Multicolored Grass Restored

It’s not for everyone, but a lot of people miss the multicolored grass from the pre-NEXT game. This mod modifies the LUSHTILETYPES file to bring it back.

Only Certain Biomes

With this you can limit planets to certain biomes. I have only done it to two biomes atm but I will add more as time progresses. YOU DONT NEED A NEW SAVE! JUST TESTED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can limit the planets to a green planets with lush green grass, or the hexagon(weird) biome with all colors. Both of […]


more grace placement and extended render distance 3-4 fps hit   check out my other mods E3 OVERHAUL MOD   i am working on a tool to be able to a just grass to your own liking   if you wish to use this mod in a mod pack please contact me and ask