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Exocraft Fuel Efficiency

This mod reduces exocraft fuel usage by 90%. Vanilla No Man’s Sky exocraft fuel cost is higher in Survival and Permadeath than in Normal–this mod retains this difference, so Survival/Permadeath still have a higher cost than Normal, but for all modes the cost is only 10% of what it originally was. Note that the mod […]


This is a very simple mod I put together at the request of redditor Licoricemint.  It gives you the ability to charge life support with Carbon, in addition to the normal fuels (Thamium9 and Power Gels).   Big thanks to the following for their awesome tools that make modding NMS much easier: Tub0Crisco – NMS […]

Increased Jetpack Fuel

This mod has been updated to work with the Atlas Rises update (v1.38)!   This mod increases the amount of jetpack fuel by 10x (1000%). There are now MULTIPLE VERSIONS of this mod, to make them compatible with a few other mods. Please see below for installation instructions and credits! NOTE: This will modify the NMS_REALITY_GCTECHNOLOGYTABLE.MBIN […]