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This mod is outdated.  Please see Populated Freighters and Space Stations for the newest update.     So you’ve finally saved up enough units to purchase a freighter.  You talk to the Captain and hire on a crew.  And now nobody wants to talk to you.   This mod fixes that! Adds a few new […]

Freighter Captains Sell Hyperdrive Boosters

If you think that Polo is holding out on you, this mod makes it so you can acquire Hyperdrive Booster Technology and Atlas Pass recipes earlier (and more reliably) in your playthrough. Freighter captains will sell you Hyperdrive Boosters in stages. Construction Managers (Gek builder in every space station) will offer all Atlas Pass recipes […]

Crashed Freighter

This will exchange all the portals with the crashed freighter. Both are non-functioning props therefor this is just for the visual experience in your game. The portals spawn rarely, so will the freighter which is why I have used the portal (also because it doesn’t have any function).     I don’t remember the freighter […]