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GeoNMS RU Font

I was always a little sad about the fact that standard GeoNMS font was stylised only in latin part, and cyrillic one was untouched. Time to change this and give RU version more “NMS-style”, at least for the Travellers who prefer so. 🙂 This is a tiny mod to cyrillic part. For now I just […]

Classic UI Font

Changes all text displayed through the game’s interface to the No Man’s Sky font, resulting in a UI that more closely resembles what we saw in early previews. This is based on etechucacuca’s font mod here. I modified the font to only display in upper case letters, and also slightly emboldened the characters to improve […]

Eurocaps (Elite: Dangeous) Font for NMS.

This mod replaces the default font of NMS with the Eurocaps font. This gives it a more serious and sci-fi look, rather than the slitghtly distracting look of the default font. This font is also used in Elite: Dangerous, an excellent space-flight simulator, which was a big inspiration for me to do this mod.   […]

SegoeUI Regular Font Replacer

Segoe UI Regular Font Replacer Replaces all fonts in the game with SegoeUI Regular, just because it’s my favourite font and I use it often when making websites. I tried the light and semilight version but they all seem to give the same result. I have also no idea if this will work with special […]

Overwatch Font Pack

Replaces the main font with “Big Noodle Writing”.

Sliders Font Replacement

A much larger and cleaner looking font for No Man’s Sky.

NMS – Star Trek Font replacer

—What this mod does: It replace the “GAMEFONT2.TTF” with a Star Trek like Font. The mod works for Foundation Update, Pathfinder Updat, Atlas Rises  and NEXT   !!!!You may have problems, with languages that have non-latin-characters!!! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  “Sehr geil! Hab’ […]