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Tropical and Humid Planets Temperature Fix

Tropical [Trop-i-kuh l for 1–4, 6; Troh-pi-kuh l for 5] Adjective 1. Pertaining to, characteristic of, occurring in, or inhabiting the tropics, especially the humid tropics. NOTE: This mod is indeed compatible with the Atlas Rises update 1.3! About this mod: I love this game, especially with the Atlas Rises update, but I think that […]

No Camera Shake

This mod completely removes the annoying camera shake from the game (the camera will now stay still when entering atmosphere for example).

Scanner Retexture

Retexture of the scanner/binocular UI. Three files to choose from: Simple, Simple with more transparency, and Complex. Only the simple texture has very visible lines the other two are more subtle. P.S. sorry no screenshots of the complex texture as of yet 😛

No Critical Hit Icon

Get’s rid of the annoying x2 that pops up during space combat. Pretty simple, I think it’s more immersive.