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Fast Shader

This is a mod that reduces the processing of the shader and raises the frame rate per second of the NMS. This is especially effective for low-spec GPUs. Enjoy a comfortable NMS! Fast Shader does not support VR. Enjoy VR with beautiful vanilla graphics. MIN especially disables shadows that are said to be GPU-intensive. Since […]

ZV4X grassNOT

THIS mod absolutely disables grass

Natural Blue Water

Natural Blue Water mod fixes the weird and garish blue water to have a much more natural shade of blue, while also allowing the water to better reflect the colour of the sky.

Freighter Control – Allows Multiple Player Freighters in System

IMPORTANT This mod changes GCDEBUGOPTIONS.GLOBAL and anything that modifies that file will be incompatible with this modification. Description This tweak allows you to spawn your freighter in a system with other player freighters in the system. This tweak has been tested with two freighters but I do believe it should work on more than that. […]

Grass Correction (Vulkan Compatible)

This mod corrects the issue where grass fails to spawn on slight inclines, leaving huge areas as a patchy, craggy, terrible-looking mess. This mod changes no colors on its own. It Helps both lush grass types fill in correctly (both the taller grass types and the newer short type) and carries over the same grass […]

Tessellation FIX for 1.58

Just an update (for 1.58) of the mod “Tesselation Fix” : https://www.nexusmods.com/nomanssky/mods/741 originally created by “Tias” and modifed by KNIGHTMARE077 (for 1.57) (Description written by Tias) : “This will fix the muddy textures and flickering Terrain when you have Tesselation enabled. You need to enable Tesselation here. No Man’s SkyBinariesSETTINGS TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS.MXML Look for <Property name=”EnableTessellation” […]

Exocraft Mining Laser Damage Temporary Fix

Increases the damage of the Exocraft’s basic mining laser from 8 to 360 (In the mod files, this increase is from 10 to 450). The exocraft’s mining laser will now be more powerful than a good multitool. As a turret and considerably larger weapon than a handheld multitool, I would expect the laser’s power to […]

RUS Localization Fix

Исправлены тексты с валютой. Исправлена ошибка отображения не верной валюты в качестве вознаграждения за исследования. Исправлены ошибки, когда текст выезжает за рамки полей интерфейса. Исправлены прочие мелкие неточности локализации в разных частях интерфейса. Известные ошибки которые исправить не удалось, так как переменные вшиты в код .exe фала: При подведении мыши на предметы в инвентаре, в […]

Nyxara’s Dialogue Fix! (ENG)

Has it ever bugged you that you have all the words in No Man’s Sky, yet the Freighter Captains and Nanite Vendors still had missing words? Well not any more with this mod! It adds new words to the races that allows you to learn the words required to finish the dialogues! Shoutout to Ket […]

NipNip Plant Fix

This mod fixes the error associated with planting NipNip. It leads to the fact that you can not put NipNip outside the building outside the hydroponic block. But my mod fixes it! Now you can plant NipNip on any planet with a forest biome. (Simply say, if StarBulb grows on this planet, you can plant […]