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Hello guys, this mod allows to speed up 10x or 100x the refiner. If you have installed “my Hyperstack mod”, the refiner could crash and give as “objects to be refined” = 0. To solve, you need to split the items you want to refine into smaller groups. If you like the mod, leave the […]


Hello guys, this mod allows to speed up the industry by 10 or 100 times: Mineral & Gas Extractor mine 10x or 100x faster; Mineral & Gas Extractor have 10x or 100x store space; Storage have 10x or 100x more space; Magnetic Power, Bio Power and Solar Power works 10x or 100x faster; Battery have […]

Fast Shader

This is a mod that reduces the processing of the shader and raises the frame rate per second of the NMS. This is especially effective for low-spec GPUs. Enjoy a comfortable NMS! Fast Shader does not support VR. Enjoy VR with beautiful vanilla graphics. MIN especially disables shadows that are said to be GPU-intensive. Since […]

Fast post-nerf farming (x100)

This mod makes farm plants grow x100 faster than post-nerf. (Essentially I just removed 2 0s from every plant.)


DARCONIA for ATLAS RISES 1.38 This is a complete overhaul mod, that offers: NEW PRODUCTS ! NEW SUBSTANCES ! NEW BUILDABLE PARTS ! NEW RECIPES ! MORE TRADING OPTIONS ! specify on special products – food, illegal stuff, weapons, ship parts, machines… PROCEDURAL GENERATED CITIES ! SILO STORAGES for common substances like iron, copper, plutonium, […]

Better FXAA

Edits the FXAA to make it higher quality. There are multiple sub-pixel values to choose from; 0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, and 1. The “Darkening” screenshots folder shows the effect between an SP value of 0 and an SP value of 1, where details are lost because of the blending from the surrounding area, which is […]

Instant Button Reaction (EOL)

!Caution! Support for this has been discontinued. Thanks to everyone who was interested in this mod project as long as it was active. Unfortunately I cannot remove the mod because the site operator / administration has blocked the function for deleting mods. That’s why this note. greetings quantus — !NOTE! The “Branches” section shows you […]

QuickFlight by Hytek (PACKED)

Quickflight v1.0 has 2 versions for varying planetary flight/acceleration speeds: -2x flight speed -4x flight speed Any faster and the game cannot render fast enough (you already start to notice this a little more with 4x speed)   If you would like to use this mod in tandem with LowFlight, please download the latest update […]

Magic Speed

Makes you go unrealistically fast and the jetpack is slightly adjusted so you can still fly easily.  Annoyed by footsteps sounds ? No Footsteps mod OR No footsteps & no jetpack sounds mod *Uses GCPLAYERGLOBALS.GLOBAL, any other mod modifying the same file will conflict. CREDITS GOES TO : Darkm1 for “mapping” the MBIN.