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Based on the artwork of the deceased surrealist Hans Ruedi Giger, by Virakotxa.  Retexture of the planetary assets of three (out of eleven) Visions’ exotic biomes: Contours, Mstructures and Bonespires, into a gigeresque biomechanical theme. Check my other biomechanical retextures to date:  

Biomechanical Fiends

MOAR TEETH!! As ordered…  Special thanks to @Argh! who helped me immensely to figure out the new texture formats! Check my other biomechanical retextures to date:  

Grass Correction (Vulkan Compatible)

This mod corrects the issue where grass fails to spawn on slight inclines, leaving huge areas as a patchy, craggy, terrible-looking mess. This mod changes no colors on its own. It Helps both lush grass types fill in correctly (both the taller grass types and the newer short type) and carries over the same grass […]

ExoticsUP Increase the chance of Exotic Spawn a BIT

ExoticsUP increases the %-Spawn Rate of Exotic Ships in: – Poor Systems from 0 to 5 – Average Systems from 1 to 5 – Wealthy Systems from 2 to 10   Nothing else.   For those who dont want to wait hours and still want to be able to go on the “hunt” for the […]