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No Suit Tech Recharge

No Suit Tech Recharge version 1.55.01 a mod for No Man’s Sky version 1.55 (build 3020240) Purpose: This mod eliminates the recharge requirements of all the exosuit environmental hazard upgrades. “Upgrades” should result in less, not more, micromanagement during gameplay, don’t you think? Beta: I have tested this enough to confirm the absence of recharge […]

[NEXT]Exosuit Voice Replacer Updated

This mod –> https://nomansskymods.com/mods/support-intelligence-system-exosuit-voice-replacer/ But… Features: Updated to make it working with NEXT version of the game. Remastered to make it a bit more louder. Mod package compressed further with no loss on quality. [-] New lines, if any were added in NEXT update, not included. Like it, hate it, I don’t care I made […]

Exosuit Female Voice

Saw some people requesting a female exosuit voice mod. Here it is.  If someone wants to make a video of this I will add it to the mod description. If you search on youtube for “no man’s sky voice emma” you can hear what she sounds like. If you find any errors, let me know […]

Support Intelligence System – Exosuit Voice Replacer

I couldn’t find any exosuit voice replacer compatible with Atlas Rises, so I made my own. This mod replaces all of the English suit’s voice lines (including the ones that don’t seem to be used). The goal is to make a suit voice that doesn’t sound as repetitive as the original, and is a little […]