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Nostalgic Scanner – E3 Alike Scanner Pulse effect

This is my attempt at re-creating E3 2015 scan pulse effect for current day NMS. Changed color to yellow Effect is now slower Most of you should be familiar with the E3 2015 gameplay trailers, like “I’ve Seen Things” trailer, and others. The scanner pulse was yellow and slower  back in the day. But for some […]

E3 Beacon zoom out effect (NEXT)

I’m the guy who made this mod for Atlas Rises, now working on NEXT! This MAY not work for some people, try it to know if it works! This mod replaces the “zoom out” effect like we saw at the E3 The effect i’m trying to replicate: https://youtu.be/hI2mA6i8aus?t=5m12s Important note: this modifies the animation for the […]

Satisfying Asteroid Explosion Sounds

This mod replaces the original asteroid hit/explosion sound effects with deeper, more “satisfying”  sounds.   THIS DOES NOT REPLACE ANY OTHER EXPLOSION SOUNDS – DONT ASK FOR ME TO MAKE THEM EITHER!

No Screen Door Noise Fade Effect (PAK)

Removes the weird screen door noise effect when geometry pops in to view.   UPDATE: New pak file fixes issues with it not working!