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Faster Text Display

!NOTE! The “Branches” section shows you the current release build id’s under: https://steamdb.info/app/275850/depots/ This mod displays the text faster when interacting with objects or aliens (NPCs). If you leave the left mouse button pressed (player with keyboard/mouse) then the text will be displayed even faster. There are two versions: _MOD.faster.text.display.pak Normal version _MOD.faster.text.display_compatibility.pak – Same […]

Transparent UI Background

Have you ever wanted to be able to see what was happening around you will you open your inventory? Have you ever wanted to browse through your discoveries page while having the beautiful scene you paused your game on? Have you ever wanted to have the UI they showed in the Balari V footage.. Well, […]

Starship HUD Revamp v1.0

This mod will replace starship HUD with new textures.

Multitool HUD Revamped

Mod replaces old Multitool HUD with new better texture.