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Decal – Nigel Thornberry

Hi all, Im a Dev in the industry and thought I would have a go at trying to get good old nigel in game for my base. Im thinking of adding in a ton of new ones and making some kind of pack, if people like the sound of that and have some suggestions on […]

Frenchy’s Decal Destroyer

Completely removes decals from the game, and from generating.

Frenchy’s Clean Decals

Makes decals look new instead of scratched

Harambe Mod Pack 1.0

This is the result of PtPenguin and Hazanoid both making their own stupid Harambe mods and deciding to put them together in one package for the ultimate Harambe experience. Enjoy. Never forget. Mods included: Harambinventory 2.0 – changes all inventory icons to Harambe, splash screen to Harambe and toxic + life support icons to Harambe. […]


Harambe Decals Harambe Decals is a mod which adds a variety of decals from the common “Original Harmbe” to the ultra rare “Rainbow Harambe Party”, even the numbers features a Harambe or two! The decals spawn on ships and generated structures. I would advise you to download this mod as it improves happiness while playing […]

HD Ship Decal Reskins

This mod changes all of the ship decals to better looking ones, it changes every file in the DECALS folder, and even adds some DECALS. This mod adds new and exciting decals from different tv shows, games, and films. All rendered in HQ, I’ve attached a screenshot of a sample. – Made by Pottymouth222