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Hobo Town – Roaming, Walking NPCs

Hobo Town Hobo Town does the following: Adds walking, roaming “NPCs” that you can possibly interact with and kill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Si5jnEaCa8 The NPCs will also have a chance to attack the player: https://youtu.be/3s-yDtVJxZM   Difference between the two versions Talker NPCs can be conversed with: Note: The game is coded so that you cannot shoot at […]

Killer Instinct – Visions

Updated for version 1.75 Visions Increases spawn Distance of Creatures. Mirror Links – https://www.nexusmods.com/nomanssky/mods/802 Modifies : All – METADATASIMULATIONECOSYSTEMROLEDESCRIPTIONTABLES. Credits to : – monkeyman192 for mbinCompiler and making modding possible.

No Creatures

Very simple mod that disables creature spawning. Might give a slight fps boost. Only modifies GCDEBUGOPTIONS.GLOBAL.MBIN

NEXT: Common Creatures

Makes every creature more common and in larger groups. All creatures are active in day and night. Takes me about 5 mins to get a planet full scan with this mod. You still have to find the biomes though. AIR/WATER/CAVES/GROUND. 2 in the air, 2 in the water, rest mostly ground, might be 1 in […]


DARCONIA for ATLAS RISES 1.38 This is a complete overhaul mod, that offers: NEW PRODUCTS ! NEW SUBSTANCES ! NEW BUILDABLE PARTS ! NEW RECIPES ! MORE TRADING OPTIONS ! specify on special products – food, illegal stuff, weapons, ship parts, machines… PROCEDURAL GENERATED CITIES ! SILO STORAGES for common substances like iron, copper, plutonium, […]


DARCONIA AIO for NMS 1.24 PATHFINDER !  Update for 1.3 Atlas Rising will come ! Darconizer proudly presents a game changing mod ! FULL ALL-IN-ONE RELEASE 1.43   This is the AIO Editor´s Choice Version of Darconia. Because of the size and amount of pak files, that make the installation a little bit difficult I […]

Huge Flying Snakes

This mod tweaks Flying snakes and makes them gigantic… Like Godzilla sized. There are 3 versions to pick from, Bigger, Huge and Godzilla. Flying snakes can bypass the current creature size limit which is about 7 meters. In the screenshots you can see a 55m Flying Snake… Enjoy ? There is a bug in the […]

Less Creatures

As requested (Yes people actually requested this) this mod reduces creature spawns. This affects ALL creatures. You can choose between the 1.25 times less and the 1.5 times less. If requested I could add an even less version (but why would someone want that?) Reducing it even more would be unwise. There already are too […]

TemplarGFX’s Wild Life

  Wild Life for No Mans Sky takes the current system for spawning and controlling creatures in the game, and pushes it to the max! There are almost three times the creature type definitions to ensure behavioural differences between small and large versions of any base genus. Further to that, each possible Fauna abundance has […]

No Scanning Eyes or Orange Warnings Drone Sign

That mod that removes the red sign one from the attacking creatures, the blue eye from the drones scanning you, and the orange warning sign above there “hum” head. The arrows on the side give you the direction of the threat.