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Natural Blue Water

Natural Blue Water mod fixes the weird and garish blue water to have a much more natural shade of blue, while also allowing the water to better reflect the colour of the sky.

More Colour Palette Combinations (Final Update) Pathfinder

  THIS IS THE LAST UPDATE I SHALL EVER MAKE TO THIS MOD. Hello, mod user! It’s been an awful long time since the last release for this mod. In order to avoid confusion, the version for the No Man’s Sky FOUNDATION Release is here. The older version is HERE. This mod is aimed at […]

Rainbow Warp – Light and Heavy

This mod is partially based of Colour Warp, which can be found here:¬†http://www.nexusmods.com/nomanssky/mods/24/? . Credit goes to the original developer where it is due. This mod, however, focuses more on the colour. Why not have a colourful warp rather than the horrible green thing (default)? This mod ONLY changes the warp screen, so no other […]