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[Retired] – More Sky Colors for Cold Biomes

*** Oct 5th, 2020: This Mod is being retired *** Due to the expansion of atmosphere and weather types in NMS Origins, no further updates to this mod are planned. JefuslivesNMS – More Sky Colors for Cold Biomes (for NMS Desolation versionĀ  2.62 only) This mod adds three new sky palettes to cold biomes, and […]

Natural Blue Water

Natural Blue Water mod fixes the weird and garish blue water to have a much more natural shade of blue, while also allowing the water to better reflect the colour of the sky.

Natural Skies

This mod gives all of your skies a (much) more natural look and feel by softening some neon colours, and darkening upper skies and cloud bottoms. It also fixes the overly white fogs during rainy weather and storms seen in certain sky colours. Now also contains an optional add-on mod to give your sunsets and […]

Retrospections – Back to Atlas Rises: Color Palettes

This mod aims to restore the Atlas Rises era color palettes/combinations back into Visions/NEXT versions. Mod adds: Multi color grass: Planets can now have 2 primary colors of grass, often resulting in beautiful gradients. Old color palettes for all planets This mod doesn’t change: Terrain generation Water colors Planetary objects (trees, plants, etc) For the […]

Chromatic Skies

Chromatic Skies attempts to restore the Atlas Rises era sky color palettes as well as a few other fixes. As of NEXT, only the first 5 colors of the sky color palettes are used. FEATURES and DEPENDENCIES ChromaticSkies.DayPalette – Contains the Atlas Rises sky palettes with updated cloud tintage colors. (clouds don’t always need to […]

Planet Color De-nextgenifier

This is the first release of the Planet Color De-nextgenifier AKA Terrain Color Restorer.   WHAT’S A NEXTGEN AND WHY DOES NMS NEED TO BE DE-NEXTGENIFIED? https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/PhilRA/20090606/84228/Why_quotNextGen_Gamesquot_Went_Gray_Brown_And_Grey.php https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RealIsBrown ‘NEXTGEN’ is just a contemptuous term describing some visual art styles abusing drab colors such as brown and grey to look more ‘realistic’. As of NEXT, all […]

Better Biome Colors

This mod replaces the available color palettes for biomes with a wider range of color possibilities. This should result in a more colorful experience when visiting new planets.     CLICK HERE to buy me a beer if you like this mod. šŸ˜‰