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Rifts Better Clouds (Way less blurry)

This Mod reduces the blurriness of the Clouds (and more)  The screenshots speak for themself 😀    WIP    if you find Bugs, pls feel free to report 🙂    Short clip of the Mod:  https://xboxclips.com/Rift%20Revan/757a5729-dc88-4b7b-ad36-200e50197b21  

Planet Atmosphere

Make far away planets become realistic with the touch of atmosphere. The effect only appear at day, at night still like the original. This is my first mod,  so i’m sorry if anything goes wrong.

No Clouds

This Mod will remove all Clouds you can see from Space. It won’t remove the Clouds you can see from the planets surface. (This Mod won’t work with any other Cloud Retexture-Mod.)   Let me know if anything doesn’t work for you.