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Instagrowth (Cheaty) Farm

This mod increases the growth rate of all (I think.) Plants for farming. There’s no negotiations, use it or don’t.     This mod cannot be used with other mods that use the following files: PLANTINTERACTION.ENTITY.MBIN


Note: This will be a unique topic to download the FLING’s cheats, whenever possible I will be updating to the new versions of the game. OPTIONS Num 1 – Infinite Health Num 2 – Infinite Shield Num 3 – Infinite Stamina Num 4 – Jetpack Infinite Energy Num 5 – Multi-Tool No Overheat Num 6 […]

No Man’s Sky V1.3 Trainer +25 FLING

options Numpad 1 – Infinite Health Numpad 2 – Infinite Shield Numpad 3 – Infinite Stamina Numpad 4 – Jetpack Infinite Energy Numpad 5 – Multi-Tool No Overheat Numpad 6 – No Reload Numpad 7 – Infinite Grenades Numpad 8 – Infinite Items Numpad 9 – No Crafting Requirements Numpad 0 – Super Damage / […]

Carbon Ultra

Carbon Ultra MOD .1 for No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises 1.38 by revevil Do you get tired of having to blow up asteroids to get Thamium9 just to charge life support? What about being stuck on a hostile alien world with no plutonium or zinc in sight? Now, you can just put off collecting those […]

No Man’s Sky Trainer +15 by MrAntiFun

Trainer for No Man’s Sky PC version. Trainer by: MrAntiFun. Website: www.mrantifun.net Trainer Information:Infinite HealthInfinite Ship HealthInstant Cooldown WeaponInfinite EnergyInfinite Materials PackNo RadiationInfinite Jet PackInfinite StaminaNo ReloadInfinite AmmoInfinite Units/MoneyEasy Atlas PassEasy CraftingSuper Speed