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DIVERSE CAVES  for NEXT more interessting and diverse caves: different types of caves, not all are filled with stalagtites find more different plants and rocks in caves way better cavegrass


I love exploring caves – but in vanilla NMS it´s quite meaningless, since they are all the same. So I changed that… Compatible versions for RAYROD´s OVERHAUL, SPACE ADVENTURES / ALIEN WORLDS II, PANDORA included.  This version is NOT compatible to my own Darconia Biomes, since Darconia will receive a complete update next !

Fewer Buildings and Resources

Fewer Buildings and Resources mod decreases the amount of some stuff generated on every planet. It decreases the amount of buildings. It makes planets natural and wilder. So you have to use scanners and beacons to find buildings, plaques and ruins. It decreases the amount of resources a little bit. It decreases the amount of caves.