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CONSTRUCTS is a mod that attempts to introduce various fully custom sci-fi objects into the game, adding mysterious, artificial structures spread across different planets. This mod is also a tech demonstrator of NMSDK, the specialized Blender plugin and toolset for creating custom No Man’s Sky content! ===[ FEATURES ]=== Adds a variety of objects, sometimes massive, into […]

Aliens buildings Overhaul

So, many asked me for a “compilation” of my retextures mods to ease the installation and updates tracking. Here it is ! In this pak you will found all the main files of my retexture wich include: – Spacestation main hall (1024* blue-ish) – Some shared props (retexturing ramps & balcony in spacestation and landpads […]


  this are textures for all the buildings in the game including all the stuff in it screens chairs consoles terminals landingpats Deutsch: sie enthält texturen von allen gebäuden im spiel. sowie : stühle konsolen landeplattformen monitore usw. VIEL SPASS !!! —————————————————————————– MADE BY DR HIMMELPIMMEL   pS SPACESTATION IS SEPERATE http://nomansskymods.com/mods/dr-himmelpimmels-spacestation/

Sparse Buildings

Simple mod which alters the distance buildings are allowed to spawn next to each other.  There are two versions, one which doubles, the other triples, the distance between things.  Makes for a more arduous adventure!  I personally prefer the triple distance version. In theory it should reduce the total number of buildings per planet too, […]

Korvax Buildings Retext

A simple 1024*1024 rexture of Korvax buildings For more textures change, please check my others mods: SpaceStation Main Hall Vy’Keen Building Gek Buildings LandPads

Fewer Buildings and Resources

Fewer Buildings and Resources mod decreases the amount of some stuff generated on every planet. It decreases the amount of buildings. It makes planets natural and wilder. So you have to use scanners and beacons to find buildings, plaques and ruins. It decreases the amount of resources a little bit. It decreases the amount of caves.

Vy’Keen buildings retext

A sneakpeak of my retexture for Vy’Keen building. This mod will also change textures in spacestation (if related to Vy’Keen) All feedbacks are welcome. Need them to get something fully enjoyable 😀 For more re-texturing, please check my others mods: SpaceStation MainHall Korvax Buildings Gek Buildings LandPads