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Natural Blue Water

Natural Blue Water mod fixes the weird and garish blue water to have a much more natural shade of blue, while also allowing the water to better reflect the colour of the sky.


Completely disables the Help-Info-Box

No Blue Info Box

This MOD completely disables the blue info box in the lower right corner.  

Gradiated red -> purple -> blue station interior

My last mod based around ‘station interior lighting’. Just testing some new tech I got which allows me to adjust the hue of colours in gradients instead of numbers.

RGBW Ship HUD Retexture

Unifies all your ships displays with a clean UI of your color preference. (The in-game screenshot is from V1.1, not 1.2) Highly recommend using in conjunction with Owned’s screen mod to make it pop more. Let me hear your feedback!

Blue/Orange Ship Radar

Spaceship radar looks great with Starship HUD Revamp v1.0 by Jinxter