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DIVERSE CAVES  for NEXT more interessting and diverse caves: different types of caves, not all are filled with stalagtites find more different plants and rocks in caves way better cavegrass


I love exploring caves – but in vanilla NMS it´s quite meaningless, since they are all the same. So I changed that… Compatible versions for RAYROD´s OVERHAUL, SPACE ADVENTURES / ALIEN WORLDS II, PANDORA included.  This version is NOT compatible to my own Darconia Biomes, since Darconia will receive a complete update next !

Only Certain Biomes

With this you can limit planets to certain biomes. I have only done it to two biomes atm but I will add more as time progresses. YOU DONT NEED A NEW SAVE! JUST TESTED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can limit the planets to a green planets with lush green grass, or the hexagon(weird) biome with all colors. Both of […]


This MOD gives you a clean, white snow landscape by removing the red color from trees, plants and leaves.

Better Biome Colors

This mod replaces the available color palettes for biomes with a wider range of color possibilities. This should result in a more colorful experience when visiting new planets.     CLICK HERE to buy me a beer if you like this mod. 😉