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Sniper Scope for Atlas Rises

Changes the binoculars to a sniper scope. You can zoom and shoot. There are two files:  “Targets” changes the creature-scan-icons into tactical targets. “Zoom Sniper” just installs the scope. Choose one or both !  

Helmet Scanner HUD

For a view from the Helmet out.

Use the Binoculars (less icons)

  For a better immersion, clear your view from most of the icons, reveal them only using the Analysis Visor.  Based on LATTYHO’s mods, ie “Remove Intrusive Building Icons / Remove Discovered Buildings Icons / Undiscovered Building Icon Remover” this will remove most of icons from the plain view. They will appear only with use of […]

No Vertical Lines On Scanner HUD

Removes the 2 vertical lines from the scanner HUD.

Custom Binoculars

Give the game a different look ;P

No Binoculars Overlay/HUD

Removes the texture overlay appearing when using the binoculars (left and right lines and center ellipses).

Power Binoculars – Retro 80’s Binoculars

  Just a simple retexture for all you 80’s hipsters ?      Recommended listening while wearing Power Binoculars:    

No ambient sound for binoculars/scanner.

Removes the low humming noise when using the scanner *Does not conflict with other audio mods unless they change the Binoculars_Lp sound.

Just Binoculars

Replaces old scan “binoculars” with some actual binoculars.    Choice between clean, transparent and dirty for that extra gritty feel.    Wubba luba dub dub!