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BIG QUADS UPDATED FOR ATLAS RISES 1.35 As the name states this simply makes the quad sentinels bigger. I think they look pretty cool and I wanted to give them a little bit more attention. It only changes their size, nothing else. Not harder to fight than before. But I think it looks pretty cool […]

Huge Flying Snakes

This mod tweaks Flying snakes and makes them gigantic… Like Godzilla sized. There are 3 versions to pick from, Bigger, Huge and Godzilla. Flying snakes can bypass the current creature size limit which is about 7 meters. In the screenshots you can see a 55m Flying Snake… Enjoy ? There is a bug in the […]

Bigger Creatures

This mod changes the various creature sizes in the game. Specifically: Big/Bigger/Huge: Big version has creatures from small to Huge (but less small than Vanilla NMS) so that bigger creatures are more common, Bigger version has creatures from Medium to Huge and Huge version has all huge Creatures. Unlocked Sizes (As requested): The Unlocked Sizes version tampers with […]