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No Mans Sky: Base Builder for Blender

A plugin for Blender to help build bases in No Mans Sky. Build bases for No Mans Sky using proxy representations for building parts. Complete freedom of movement when placing building parts – use Blender manipulation tools to translate and rotate base parts wherever you want. Define presets to build complex items quickly. Share or […]

Base Palette Customiser

Base Palette Customiser is a small application that allows you to easily change the 16 palettes available for bases in No Man’s Sky. It’ll create a custom mod that it places in your MODS folder (or creates a MODS folder for you, if you don’t have one). Usage Unzip the archive provided anywhere on your […]


HIGHER BASE DENSITY & BASE ICONs What this MOD does: Increases number of generated bases. Do you know that problem, when you found a nice beautiful planet that you want as your home planet but you cannot find a base ? This mod increses the number of bases, so you can find a base on […]