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All Your Base – Base Building Enhancements

All Your Base – Building Enhancements for NMS Beyond/Desolation 1) Adds scaling and 3d rotation to a number of buildable items and base Tech: Small, Medium and Large Refiners Power and Industrial Tech Storage containers Trade Terminal Reality Glitches 2) Separates the infrastructure blocks (such as sphere, cube, pyramid, pipe, paver, etc.) into their own […]

Customizable Colorful Cuboid Rooms

Latest game version supported: Atlas Rises 1.38 — Description — Customizable Colorful Cuboid Rooms is a simple mod that will turn the entire wall and some other parts of a Cuboid Room the primary color of whatever you paint it in the Base Building color menu. I was getting tired of only the seams being […]

Faster Farming

Description Faster Farming increases the speed at which base plants grow, by twice, or 4 times their original speed. There is also a version to affect only the slowest plants, and get their growth speeds to match the average of most other plants. I made it due to the fact that the game pauses when […]

SimCity 5300 – Now Atlas Rises Compatible

Now ATLAS RISES COMPATIBLE! After the release of Atlas Rises I was forced to go back and update this mod, so instead of just updating it, I overhauled the whole damn thing. ¬†Lots of new features, lots of more awesomeness and lots more to come. New Technologies Base Claim Terminal¬†– build your base anywhere you […]