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This mod replaces the plastic look of the backpack with a high quality scratched texture. The mod was originally uploaded by damanique but I don’t like that this version is so dark so I made a brighter version of it. 🙂 Here is the original mod: https://nomansskymods.com/mods/hd-scratched-backpack/

E3 Backpack

DESCRIPTION Replaces the default backpack texture with a brighter, cleaner-looking one with decals that resemble the game’s title/concept art (‘E3 version’). KNOWN BUGS: The backpack model in the inventory is rendered in a low resolution. This mod does not fix this problem. COMPATIBILITY: This mod is not compatible with any other backpack texture mod.

HD Scratched Backpack

I didn’t like the plastic-y clean look of the backpack in the inventory, so I changed it to a darker, scratchier look with this retexture. It’s also in 4K, though you won’t really notice until I figure out how to get the model to not look so dumb low res in the inventory screen  >:| […]