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Deeper Voice

Thanks for checking out my first mod. Click the videos for an example – it sounds a little clearer in-game. I’ve made a few alternatives to the suit voice that have been processed to sound deeper/lower. It modifies the original voice so it doesn’t sound too different from vanilla.

Loading Music – The Sound Of Silence_Disturbed

Version of this other mod http://nomansskymods.com/mods/loading-music-the-sound-of-silence_simon-garfunkel/ but with  the cover version by the Disturbed 🙂   If you have any suggestions feel free to comment! — Next step, i want to remove the sound when No Man Sky logo appears, any suggestion what audio file is it?

Loading Music – The Sound Of Silence_Simon & Garfunkel

What about changing the initial loading music with something more appropriate? …For me, at least 🙂 Here it is, The Sound Of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel. What’s more quieter than space ?!   This is my first mod, so if you have any suggestions feel free to comment! — Next step, i want to remove the […]

Satisfying Asteroid Explosion Sounds

This mod replaces the original asteroid hit/explosion sound effects with deeper, more “satisfying”  sounds.   THIS DOES NOT REPLACE ANY OTHER EXPLOSION SOUNDS – DONT ASK FOR ME TO MAKE THEM EITHER!

Halo Grenade Explosion Audio Replacement

Replaced the default Grenade Explosion with the back half of the Halo Plasma Grenade explosion for a more satisfying boom. More Halo replacements to come soon. -Aruseus123   **THIS IS AUDIO NOT VISUAL

No footsteps

Removes all sounds relating to footsteps. There is another version removing footstep sounds and jetpack sounds : No footsteps & No Jetpack sounds mod *No conflict with other audio mods unless it uses NMS_AUDIO_PERSISTENT.BNK

Doctor Who Audio Pak

This audio pack changes a few of the sounds to doctor who sound clips Very open to suggestions, would love to add to this 🙂     Specific changes: Credits Received Death Hostile Destroyed (Space Battle)


Changes the default VO line of “UNITS RECEIVED” when you gain currency to the XP  gained sound from Fallout 4. ‘CHA-CHING!’ Much less annoying when you are selling stuff en masse!!   Leave a rating if you enjoy. It motivates me to keep making stuff.  }————————————————————–{ CHECK OUT MY OTHER MODS: Holo Icons + CUSTOM […]

Audio File Dump (renamed, reorganized, and converted)

This archive contains all (I think) audio files that exist in the game. They are all converted to ogg, renamed with their original names, and placed in their original directories for easier location of that effect/music/ambiance you’re looking for.    Instructions for replacing audio here (WEM): http://nomanswiki.ga/Replacing_Sound_Files and here (BNK): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxc40UDmaAg