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No Atmosphere No Dust

There can be no wind without an atmosphere! So let’s remove all that flying dust from no-atmosphere planets.     Compatibility: This mod is incompatible with other mods that modify CLEARWEATHER.MBIN

Planet Atmosphere

Make far away planets become realistic with the touch of atmosphere. The effect only appear at day, at night still like the original. This is my first mod,  so i’m sorry if anything goes wrong.

Atmospheric Weather Mod

I watched the early video trailers of No Man’s Sky, and noticed, that there is dust and rain effects while the spaceship is flying, but the final product doesn’t have it. While it’s raining or snowing or having a dust storm upon exiting the space ship, but it’s clear weather, while flying over the surface. […]

[Intro Music Pack] Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

I N T R O   M U S I C   P A C K  FINAL VERSION IS OUT WITH 20 DIFFERENT INTRO SONGS! This mod replaces the original loading screen music with some good pieces of the gorgeous soundtrack of the”Cosmos”-Series reboot from 2014. Props to “Forrest Gump”-composer Alan Silvestri for making this mod […]