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BIOTOOLS – HD procedural biomech’d multitools.

High-definition (x2 vanilla) replacement maps to turn “alien”-multitools into biomechanical versions of themselves. No other change to statistics. Visual mod, only. So far, fully compatible with all mods available. Atlas Rises (1.3) compatible version. Full procedural compatibility with vanilla variation. A special thanks to: RaYRod for guiding me back into post-rise NMS modding, H. R. […]

Biomechanical Infestation

HD Lore-friendly texture replacer of the alien infestation that plague some abandoned buildings. “It looked like a wound on the world. Crimson and ragged-edged, like something that once lived but was then torn asunder. I should have stayed away. Had I the senses to taste the air of this planet, I imagine it would have […]

Nostromo – Alarm Sound Replacement

This mod replaces the standard alarm sound with the Nostromo alarm from the movie Alien making it 500 times better. Look out Low Flight mod.    Some of my other Mods:  Simple Elements 3 – Icon Pack Simple Tech – Icon Pack Power Binoculars – Retro 80’s Style Binoculars NMC – Crosshair Remover Overwatch Font Pack […]