[UPDATED] Four Pronged Crosshair MK2 (re-make)

  • description Description

    MK2 of the 4 - pronged - crosshair!

    The last one had some major bugs which I wasn't able to fix, as the file format was completely different with that mod.

    This mod fixes all of that! 


    Known issue(s):

    There may be slight discolouration if you are using the instagram filter remover. This needs more testing.

    The crosshair has been set to be black instead of white for on-foot weapons, and white in the ship. This, again, I cannot fix since the .dds files seem to not like how I've edited the beam laser upgrade. Sorry!



    When walking with no weapon equipped, the crosshair stays! In the previous version, the crosshair would completely disappear.


    -Why didn't I update the original?

    --That post has been buried by other (amazing!) mods. I decided to make a new one because this version is completely different to the last

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Unzip to PCBANKS directory in your No Man's Sky folder.

  • event_note Changelog

    -1.0 initial release

    -2.1 remaster / remake, retexture

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