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    Renewed version Vulkan - Visions +1.5/1.77 compatible.

    Improving all four current races, special characters and Robotic entities. Enhancing close detail at no processing expense.

    Enhanced, vanilla sized resolution normal-map textures for all NPC humanoids, Players and Sentinels.

    Their skin and clothing will also display extra detail that I took from the specular and diffuse vanilla textures and baked inside the normals. Sometimes I did manual edits, more could be done! Screenshots and feedback appreciated...

     The mod overwrites the normal-maps of the Non Player Characters, their actual colour, variations and any fancy code related to them is not touched by this mod. This is just a retexture... of the fake geometry that gets applied over the real geometry.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    A simple texture replacer, no code attached. No fps hit, can be swapped or erased mid-game without corruptions.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 (1.1 / 1.3x version)

    2.0 (1.5 + version)

    2.1 (texture refinements)

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  • UpdatedMay 28, 2019
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