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    During the war. There was so much destruction that it rained contianers full of Nanites and Units now the cargo is scattered all over the worlds. Use you scanner and your terrain tool to find this treasure ? So get digging :). 

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Remove all recent versions of the mod before installation.

    Only place 1 of the 2 pack files into the mods folder NOT BOTH!.

    This Mod Modifies PlanetBuildingTable.Mbin and ADDS! more Crashed_Containers to the world from the crashed freighters.These containers can be dug up using the terrain tool and looted.
    I have also Modified the RewardsTable.Mbin to increase the reward to something more worthy of a find.The containers have No Requirement! to open.
    This effect will also effect the containers around the crashed freighters.


    Now both pak files are the same except the Treasure_Hunter-V2.pak. This pak has a bright red light that spawns on top of the terrain above the
    Container this will give a decent advantage at night when exploring.

    The loot from the Containers now is randomly doubled or tripled.

  • event_note Changelog

    Game Versions Supported 1.37 - (1.38 Experimental)


    Added a Second pak file to the zip with a added bright red light that spawns with the Containers for nighttime exploration in ship.

    Modified Rewards Table to effect both version.


    Increased the Amount of Containers that spawn and made them free to open.

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