Transparent UI Background

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    Have you ever wanted to be able to see what was happening around you will you open your inventory? Have you ever wanted to browse through your discoveries page while having the beautiful scene you paused your game on? Have you ever wanted to have the UI they showed in the Balari V footage.. Well, you can't have that yet, but here's something pretty close, the Transparent UI Background mod!

    Brought to you by RayRod and Cybercyrus.

    What this does is remove the original blue-ish background graphic for a more continous and immersive experience.

    Future plans:

    +Translucent UI Background, Add an extra blur to the background so that you can focus on your menus better while being able to see what's around. (Balari V Footage UI).

    +Inventory Only option  Added!


    We hope you enjoy!

    Thank you.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Simply drag and drop in PCBANKS>Mods.

  • event_note Changelog

    v0.3-Atlas Rises Compatible!

    v0.2- Added Inventory Only Option!


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