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    Hello exploring-entity!

    1. Introduction
    2. Main Features
    3. Full Details

    1. Introduction:

    I created this mod for myself and took ideas from my own preferences as well as other mods of which most are outdated and I created an own version.
    Meanwhile, it grew to a big mod with many changes so I decided to share it!

    It's divided into single files (make it modular) so each modified game-file is in its own PAK (mod-file) to make it possible to choose what you want. (see 'Full Details')
    A single-file version is in the folder all-in-one. (see 'Installation')

    I'm updating it frequently with each game update or whenever I mod something new.
    If you want a mod combined with this or want a modified setting or anything else: feel free to tell me about! I'll always welcome and consider it!

    • please report issues if you can reproduce them and they are related to this mod
    • the version number has two parts divided by a minus e.g. 1.58-1.0
      The first part always shows the game version number the mod is made for!
      The second part is the mod version and resets to 1.0 if the game version increases.
    • please see the last changelog update to check notes and hints on the latest release

    2. Main Features: see detailed features and which files are modified further below!

    • this mod aims for less grinding, saving time, reduced waiting
    • faster mining, faster exploring, pick up harvesters (-> easy/cheap avoidance of the 'farms-different-element-after-recharge' bug)
    • 10x stacks, huge ammo-stack
    • easier access/chance to find the perfect ship you want (s-class and exotics)
    • no upgrade restrictions, some upgrades improved, exotics have a chance to have more slots
    • much more: please read the full details
    •  there are some features I could not locate again where I made that change:
      -> planters require no recharge
      -> turn up/down angle (view on-foot) improved
      I'm still searching and will update the descriptions in a later release!

    3. Full Details:

    1st bold line always shows the modified game-file and in which folder it is stored, other mods changing this file are not compatible! (as mentioned above, you can ask for a combination with any mod but please make sure the author gives permission to that! )

    - now you can pickup harvesters

    - ultra fast production(refiner) times
    - +10 to each item in TechShops

    - no or reduced camera shakes in ship-movement/boosting
    (requires GCSPACESHIPGLOBALS.GLOBAL to work completely!)
    - no pilot inertia
    (pilot's relative view from inside cockpit doesn't move forward/backward anymore while
    boosting or at high backward speeds -> before, high speeds could 'move' the screens in
    certain cockpits out of view/screen)
    -> not easy to explain 😉 try it!

    - 'infinite' (now 47, before 3) allowed system-improvements
    - ~30% faster scanning
    - now possible to escape battle with mini-warp (they will still (try to) run after you)
    - increased ship interaction/teleport range while on-foot
    (-> much less need to summon ship in combo with faster run mod)
    - improved flashlight

    - ~50% faster jetpack recharge
    - ~doubled jetpack tank
    - ~50% faster run
    - ~200% faster stamina recovery 
    -> can now run almost forever with short regeneration each xx seconds/meters (depending on installed bonuses)
    -> this, combined with jetpack mod makes the on-foot-travelling almost flawless
    - wanted timeout reduced -> sentinels stop searching much faster

    - increased chance for exotic and hauler ships
    -> notable increase of spawning haulers, they could be more rare than exotics!
    -> exotics chance is notable but still rare -> IMHO not destroying the 'rare' feeling 

    - improved flight behaviour
    (better angles close to ground (less auto-leveling/rotation)
    can land easier, can fly closer to ground/water, can fly backwards at top speed)
    can do warps/boost closer to ships/stations
    speed drops much slower (still can brake ofc, but can now fly for a while without button-press)
    - faster mini warp
    (~3x speed, almost instant top speed)
    - shake reduced (requires GCCAMERAGLOBALS.GLOBAL to work completely!)
    -> there is a very rare bug (happened once in hundreds of boosts/jumps) where the shake doesn't stop, it happened once, never could reproduce it, a save game and reload fixed it, it's possible that it's not mod related

    - terrain manipulator size increased/changed from 0.8, 1.2, 1.6 to 0.8, 1.6, 3.2

    - x15 protective charge and half hazard-damage
    -> this mod is a less balanced variation of EarlyAngel's work on long-lasting-hazard-protection

    - exotic ships have a chance to get max slots (48+12) and will always have vanilla-max-slots
    - all non-exotic S-Class ships have vanilla-max-slots and haulers have a chance for up to 4 more tech slots
    (*vanilla-max-slots is the 'legit' max number of slots the vanilla-game allows)
    - changed class probability (<class>:<chace from out of ten>)
    poor: C:4 B:3 A:2 S:1
    average: C:2 B:3.5 A:2.5 S:2
    wealthy: C:1 B:2 A:4 S:3
    - class bonuses (drive, shield, damage) are always maxed for S-Class
    - multitool S-Class always has max bonuses


    - some upgrades now have fixed values (C, B, A, S)
    - hyperdrive: 100, 200, 400, 800
    - ship-shield: 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 1.0

    - 10x stack-size (for almost everything)
    - huge ammo-stack (NMS_REALITY_GCPRODUCTTABLE)
    -> I wasn't able to find a way to increase refiner output stack size, it looks like it's recipe defined AND hard-coded - I got odd results but I've not given up to find a way to accomplish this

    - repair, launch and fuel requirements reduced
    - ship teleport upgrade: range *100 (=10000)
    - normalized rarities
    - increased charge amounts (engines, suit etc.)
    - powered weapons and mining laser
    - recoil reduced or disabled (only tested with shotgun!)


    - planters require no recharge if BASEBUILDINGTABLE is enabled
    this mod disables the interaction with planters
    so only use in combination!
    -> stops interruption of harvesting by unwanted activation of planters


    ( 12 files in 12 subfolders, <flora_name> is:
    - all plants (re)grow in 1 hour

    - ~doubled boost recharge time
    - much longer boost time
    - high (boost)speed and high jump
    - increased vehicle summon range to 80000 units (755 before)
    - faster scanning

    - ~10x nanite rewards and always max
    - POOP-reward is now 20-40 instead 12-20

  • speaker_notes Installation
    • Find the folder MODS in your NMS installation folder:
      [...]No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS
    • place the files you extracted from the download in this folder
      You can freely choose which files you want to use: see description 'full details' what each file is for
    • if you want to use all files you can use the file in the folder all-in-one instead but do not use the single files then
    • if you made a choice of only some files then delete the all-in-one folder (and the file in it)
    • One folder level up ( [...]No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS ) you
      find a textfile named DISABLEMODS.TXT
      rename this to ENABLEMODS.TXT
  • event_note Changelog

    2018-09-09   1.59-1.0

      file is now updated to 1.59
    • updated descriptions

    2018-09-07   1.59ps-1.0

    • Version number confusion:
      the latest patch 1.59 is announced for PS4 but PC did also receive a patch
      I could not find any info about the PC patch, so I assume it is also 1.59 for PC
      as long as there is no other new info in the future about the PC patch, the mod
      game-version number is tagged with a 'ps' -> 1.59ps
      so in the future it's possible a PC update version 1.59 will appear
      the 'ps' will be removed if that's the case
      some game files for PC did change corresponding to the PS4 patch-notes
      this mod update is updated with that changes
    • updated/improved description, Full Details and Install notes
      did some clean-up and updated to 1.59ps
      removed "no recharge required for planters" from 'full details'
      -> this feature is in another file (still looking for it, see 'Main Features')
      updated to 1.59ps, mod fast refining for new recipes
      This file is NOT updated! We have to wait until mbincompiler can work with the new version of this file! If you don't care, use this (the old) version. If you want to be on the safe side, do not use this file (delete it from your MODS folder) and do not use the all-in-one version.
      created an own version of this mod
      original credits go to EarlyAngel
      my version is less balanced
      it gives a general x15 protective charge and half hazard-damage
      cleaned up some presumably obsolete values
      tested but not completely - please report any issues if you find some
      (If there are any issues it will not break anything!
      Possible issues are vanilla-costs instead reduced costs.)
      POOP-reward increased to 20-40 from 12-20

    2018-09-05   1.58-1.3

      +10 to each item in TechShops
    • improved description on
    • update to the credits list: it took a while to compare and there is only 1 file I directly copied from another mod (in an older version) it's the Hazardtable.mbin.

    2018-09-05   1.58-1.2

      new file in Trance-Q-Mod
      ~10x nanite rewards and they are always max

    2018-09-02   1.58-1.1 

    • description on backslash characters are removed automatically (WTH?) rendering the 'full details' hard to read. replaced them with slashes /
      ...and description has no auto line-break, did it manually for long path-names
      increased vehicle summon range to 80000 units (755 before)

    2018-09-02   1.58-1.0

    • I don't claim any reservations: feel free to use, change, copy or whatever you like to do with my work/this mod.
    • I'm currently working on a list of thanks and credits to honor the work of others that helped me to make this mod. But this will take weeks if not months! I have to view hundreds of files and look if and what I took and then identify the origins. So for now I use this place to honor all the work of all the modders out there! Especially the ones that helped me to make my work here possible! And very especially I want to thank Tub0Crisco for the work on "NMS Modding Station" and the NMS-modding-Super-Hero monkeyman192 for his work on MBINCompiler (awesome job man!)!
    • initial release 1.58-1.0
  • Report